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Wizard Race Cars is a state of the art chassis fabricating facility that is leading the new generation of drag racing.

Bringing together never before seen concepts and innovative technology to the drag racing world, we here at WRC push past the limits of what regular race cars are capable of to design world leading works of art. With more than 25 years experience WRC fills it's walls with passionate dedicated employees that share a love for designing and fabricating in the Drag Racing Industry. 


All of our products must pass a quality control and funtionality process before ever being delivered to the customer. WRC chassis are tig welded by precision specialty metal welders and then reviewed by a quality control technician to ensure a world class product is being built. 

By being on the cutting edge of the industy's technology, this allows WRC to produce all of our products in house with the help of CNC cutting and bending technology. WRC is equipped to custom build virtually anything the customer can imagine.  Whether you are building a sportsman car or a professional class car, each chassis is built with the utmost attention to detail and guaranteed satisfaction with the customer in mind. 

Wizard Race Cars takes pride in producing cars that are easy to operate, comfortable to drive, and above all, safety for our customers. Here at WRC saftey is our number one priority. We go to great lengths to ensure the durability of our products will stand the harsh forces, temperature, and speeds at the racetrack in order to protect the well-being of the driver. 

The Facility

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