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The Team


If YOU are a skilled chassis fabricator and are looking to work for an Elite Drag Race

Car Fabrication Company, then contact us with resume and proof of skill. We strive to produce the best work possible, so if you think you have what it takes give us a call. 


Jason Wood - Owner & CEO

Jason Wood's passion for race cars started at the young age of five, while working on cars with his father, Scott Wood. He is now the driving force of research and design at WRC along with driving and tuning Golgotha on Race Day.

Bonita Wood- Owner & CFO

From playing with Hot Wheels as a little girl to street racing her first car  as a teenager, Bonita has always been a maverick when it comes to women in racing. Keeping in stride with all the guys, she has raced, built, and tuned drag cars for years. Bonita is a driving force behind WRC. She manages day to day buisness operations, schedules events as well as plans and organizes all aspects of WRC. Along with being Jason's wife, Bonita is a part of the Golgotha team.

Michael Wood - Manager & Fabricator

Parts & Service Manager

Growing up in a racing family, Michael has always had an adrenaline rush for speed. From riding go-carts, building and restoring his first car - 1971 Dodge Challenger, to drag racing his motorcycle, Michael helps crew with his dad's pro mod, Golgotha, and all other family racing. Fully invested in the family business and taking on the role of parts & service manager as well as being a top notch fabricator, Michael works diligently to increase the success of WIZARD Race Cars. He is a true team leader and handles everything from answering phones, scheduling customers, managing parts inventory, to fabricating top notch race cars, all in a days work. 

Jacob Amey - Fabricator

Chassis Fabricator

Having passion can push people to do and become things they never thought possible and that is exactly what fuels Jacob . Growing up in Texas and racing with his dad, Jacob's love for cars started at a young age. Jacob graduated from Wyotech at the top of his class pursuing his dream and passion for building race cars, which has lead him to WRC. In addition to his fabrication skills and abilities, Jacob has impeccable loyalty, dedication and determination which makes him a great asset to the WRC team. 

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